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What is “Utilization” and how is it calculated?
What is “Utilization” and how is it calculated?

How is "Utilization" calculated for last week, this week and average

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In office statistics, there are often two concepts in use: occupancy and utilization. Based on the data that we have, we chose to show utilization rates in Orbit Mission Control.

Simplified, a "utilization" rate shows how many hours a space (meeting room, desk area) has been booked compared with the total hours that it could have been booked (the maximum capacity).

The calculation we use to display utilization values is:

Booking duration / maximum capacity * 100 = Utilization %

As an example:

A meeting room at your location is available to be booked from 8:00-16:00h. That's maximum 7 hours. You receive two bookings: one from 8:00-10:00 (2 hours), another from 13:00-15:00h (2hours). In total, that meeting room is booked for 4 hours out of 8 available hours, so 4 hours remain free. This would give you a utilization rate of

(2 booked hours + 2 booked hours) / 8 available hours = 0.5

For percentage, we need to multiply 0.5 by 100, which then gives a

utilization rate of 50 %

If your location has rooms and desks, you can choose which utilization rate you want to see:

When you hover over the graph, the utilization rate for that day is shown. (On mobile it is shown when you tap inside the graph):

Now we know how utilization rate for one day is calculated. But what about a week or a month or on average? It's pretty similar!

  • When displaying utilization for a whole week, we use the maximum capacity and multiply by the days of a week the space was available to be booked.

  • When displaying average utilization, we use 3-months worth of data to calculate these values.

You see last week's and the average utilization rate on the top of the page in the "insights cards":

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