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How do I get access to Orbit Mission Control?
How do I get access to Orbit Mission Control?

I am a host and need access to see data related to my space.

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As Orbit Mission Control contains sensitive user data, only one person from your workspace is authorised to order access for people in your space. If you don't know who this is at your space, contact us in the chat or at and we will give you the name.

If you are our contact person, you are the only one that can approve who we can give access to your space.

  1. Ask your colleague to download the Orbit app

  2. Your colleague then needs to create an Orbit user in the Orbit app by logging in with Bank ID (don't need to enter any payment details)

  3. Send us the name, mobile number and e-mail of the one's that need access to your space, via or via the chat and we’ll set you up!'

  4. When access is granted you login using BankID.

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