Who made this booking?

How can I find the information on who did a meeting room and/or desk booking?

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Tap Bookings in the menu to the left.

image displaying the mission control menu

Here you see an overview of your bookings, filtered by the location and time selected. You can change the amount of bookings displayed by selecting different times and locations in the right hand corner on the page.

Select the time and location you would like to view, then choose Rooms or Desks (dependent on what type of booking you are looking for) in the top left corner of the list. You can also search; using the search field.

When you find the specific booking you are looking for, click on the booking and a booking information card will appear. Here you will see who has done the booking, as well as detailed booking information and the status of the booking.

image showing booking information

Personal data is not display because of privacy and security. Please contact us in the chat or by e-mail if you need more contact details for your visitor.

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