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As a Team Admin, what can I do in the app?
As a Team Admin, what can I do in the app?

Hey Team Admin! Here you can learn how to send invitations and give your team access to Orbit.

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As a team admin, you have access to several features in the Orbit app that can help your team to get up and running.

Under the You menu, you will see your team(s). When you go into a team, you will see a list of active team members. There are also options on top: Invite and filter.

Click on Invite to invite members to your team.

Fill in the information needed and select what office space your new user shall have access to. Finish by tapping send. The user will now receive an invitation code by SMS or email.

TIP: Send this link to new users how to onboard with a team invitation code.

Click on a specific team member to:

  • View/edit the spaces they can access (called groups in the app)

  • Give/revoke team admin rights

  • Remove them from the team

Press the filter button to view:

  • Spaces: Tap a space and a list of users with access to that particular space will appear.

  • Invited: People who have not accepted their invites yet

  • Expired Invitations: Renew or revoke an invite by clicking the 3 dots on the right.

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