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Onboarding with a team invitation code
Onboarding with a team invitation code

How do I onboard in the Orbit app with a team invitation?

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You have received an invitation code by email or SMS. If phone number is provided, the SMS takes precedence. Either way, when you have received the team invitation code you are only a few steps away from being able to book and/or enter your first Orbit space.

So where do I go from here?

1) Download the Orbit app.

2) Create an account by logging in with Bank-ID

3) The app matches your phone number with the invitation and you are automatically connected to your team. If this doesn't happen you will be asked to Insert the invitation code. Go into "You" in the start page on the app, press "join team", and enter your invitation code and confirm.

Is your code not working? Probably it has expired. Please contact your team admin or us in the chat in order to receive a new one.

When you are correctly onboarded with your code you can see what team you are a part of under "You" in the app.

In the Home screen you will see your location(s) under Your bases. Press the location you want to work from and book the meeting room of your choice.

If you work from a building that has Orbit locks on the doors:

Now you have your own digital key on your phone to unlock doors to your office. Cool, right!?

See how you can use Wave to unlock for touchless access or How you use the app to unlock if you prefer that.

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