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How to make a same-day desk reservation
How to make a same-day desk reservation

When you want to book a desk the same day you want to use it

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Do you appreciate flexibility as much as we do? For same-day bookings you just need to tap the Find space icon, and choose desk work to see available desks.

A list of spaces near you will appear. You can search for a specific space by tapping Near you. For more details and to make a reservation, tap a workspace from the list. All the information you need is here: Address, facilities, opening hours, and more. If you like what you see and want to reserve the space, tap reserve. Or swipe down to go back and pick another space. Once you’ve made a reservation, you will find it in the menu under upcoming.

It is not possible (yet) to book a desk for only a couple of hours. So, If you want to visit more than one workspace in one day you need to make a reservation at the first place you want to visit, then book the other space when you have checked out from the first one.

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