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Resetting an unresponsive digital key
Resetting an unresponsive digital key

What to do when you are completely unable to unlock doors...

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Your digital key is what allows you to unlock doors and other entries with the app, either with App Unlock or Wave to Unlock. Both of these unlock methods rely on Bluetooth and Location services to work.

If you have confirmed that the app has permission to use Bluetooth and Location, and that these services are turned on, but neither of the unlock methods work, you can try resetting your digital key by following these steps:

  1. Go to You from the app menu

  2. Click on Digital key

  3. Click on Reset key

Once your key is reset, it can take up to a minute (in rare cases a couple of minutes) before your key will be recognized by all locks. Both unlock methods may return Access denies in this period.

The reset key feature was introduced in app version 1.9.0. You can check which version you are running in the app menu.

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