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How does App unlock work?
How does App unlock work?

If wave to unlock does not work, you can do an app unlock by clicking "unlock" inside the app whilst standing next to the reader.

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👆🏻App unlock

App unlock means that you can open the door by clicking “Unlock” inside the app while standing next to the reader. Here's how:

  • You MUST have Bluetooth on

  • When you are standing close to a reader, it will pop up at the top of the home screen in the app, if not then you can go to the “Entries” tab and open from there, (shown below). Here you can see a list of all the entries you have access to.

  • Your phone cannot be further than 2 meters away.

  • You must either have that space as your base or have a booking at that location.

Below is showing 4 different stages when doing a remote unlock.

On-site vs. Remote unlock

When you are in the same building, you can perform an On-site Unlock, meaning that you can unlock an entry, even if you're not standing next to it. Facility managers and some admins also have the ability to Remote Unlock entries.

Settings and permissions

For maximum reliability, make sure you have both Bluetooth and Location services enabled, and that Orbit is allowed to access them.

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