Wave to Unlock is one of the methods for unlocking doors and other entries in the Orbit network. With the app running on your phone, simply swipe your hand over the black reader that is positioned next to the entry. The reader will indicate that your wave is registered by changing the light from a white dot to a spinning circle.

Wave to Unlock works in two slightly different ways, based on your location permissions.

To work while the app is in the background, Location permission must be set to Always. Even if you are using this mode, you will from time to time need to open the app to reactivate the service. Additionally, for security reasons, some entries may require that your phone is unlocked when you wave.

If you only give access to Location when the app is in use, you need to have it open when you wave. It can take some seconds for your phone to connect to the reader, after you open it, so if your first wave fails, we recommend that you wait a little bit and then try again.

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